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Iñigo Toledo Toledo is one of the marine industry’s most well-known and widely acclaimed naval architects and yacht designers and is the experienced owner and Managing Director of Barracuda Yacht Design.

Sasga Menorquin 42

A speed of 23 knots can be achieved with twin Volvo D-4 300hp engines.  A fuel tank capacity of 1,200 litres returns up to 1,000 nautical miles at displacement speeds.


The Recreational Craft Directive is a European Union directive that sets out minimum technical, safety and environmental standards for the trade of boats Categories are from A to D (where D is the lowest rating meaning for use only in sheltered waters.)

CATEGORY A OCEAN is only given to self-sufficient boats capable of extended voyages with winds of over gale Force 8 (40 knots +), and significant wave heights above 13 feet, but excluding abnormal conditions such as hurricanes.

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