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Sasga Yachts - The Menorquin Range                     

“Both boats (34 & 42)
combine ruggedness,
good performance and
seakeeping qualities,
practicality, excellent finish
and attention to detail with
extraordinary amounts of

well-planned accommo-
dation and styling that’s

engagingly different. “


“It's very, very cleverly
done, and you have to
salute the designers and
builders for pulling it off.”

Practicl Boat Owner - Sasga 34 & 42 test

"The Sasga Menorquin 42 may be a long way from its Balearic home waters, but it is faring well in the foaming seas of the Solent." 


"The resin-infused, semi-displacement hull comfortably absorbs and dispenses with the confused wave pattern as the upright forefoot works in conjunction with the attractive flared bow to maintain a soft ride that is commendably dry."

Motorboat & yachting Sasga 42 test

"Out at sea and perched on the optional flybridge (there is a coupé version, too) the 42 picks up gamely as I bury the throttles to the stops." 


"The D4s come on boost and the boat surges up into an easy 18-knot fast cruise and a top speed of 22 knots, peeling through the wave tops and batting larger waves aside as they attempt to slow its progress."


Read the full report in the November 2018 edition of MBY

Motorboat & yachting Sasga 42 test
Sasga 34 Powerboat of the Year
Award winning 34.jpg

“These are motorboats
you’re happy to admit to
your sailing friends that
you own....”

“Think Nelson, Seaward
and Hardy and you’re on
the right lines.”

Practicl Boat Owner - Sasga 34 & 42 test

“Sasga build all the boats at
the own yard in Menorca,
vacuum-infusing the hulls
and using a PVC foam core
in both the hulls and the
hand-laid decks.”


“Features include a collision
bulkhead in the bow, the
bottom part of the forward
space being foam-filled.
Hull-to-deck joints are
bonded and then screwed
at 20cm (8in) spaces. On
the 42 and larger models,
interior wiring is run inside
double thickness bulkheads
that add strength and
sound insulation.”

Practicl Boat Owner - Sasga 34 & 42 test

Southampton Boat Show 2018: 10 best new boats not to be missed

"This charming Menorquin is sure to cut a dash inside Mayflower Park as it makes its UK show debut."

"Built on Menorca, the 42’s roots lie in the sturdy fishing boats suited to the choppy waters of the Balearics but the teak clad interior is as classy as any of its rivals’. It boasts a two- or three-cabin layout and a top speed of over 20 knots, with a pair of 300hp Volvos."

"The semi-displacement, resin-infused hull is reassuringly solid in the chop, and that handsome flared bow does a fine job of keeping spray off the teak-lined decks."

Motorboat & yachting Sasga 42 test

".....the 68 FB hull is a deep-V semi-displacement design, providing a soft ride in the big seas that can quickly blow up in this boat’s home waters. The construction of the hull is vacuum-infused GRP resin to make it stronger and lighter.


Read the full report:

Sasga Menorquin 68 Review


Powerboat & RIB Sasga 68 review
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