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Why Choose a Semi-Displacement Motor Yacht?

Why Choose a Sasga Menorquin?

  • Safety & Seaworthiness

  • Economy 

  • Cruise comfortably at a wider range of speeds (5knts - 18knts)

  • Handle heavier seas considerably better than a planning hull

  • Less rolling motion 

  • 'Category A' classification across the range

  • Build quality 

  • Efficient 'Inigo Toledo' hull design

  • Customisation 

  • Quiet underway with excellent location and insulation of engines - Superb access for servicing

Award winning 34.jpg

Sasga 34

'Category A' classification

The Sasga Menorquin 34 shortlisted for European Power Boat of the year.


€395,635.00 Ex VAT

20110719 023.jpg

Sasga 42 HT

'Category A' classification

Over a 1,000 nautical mile range at displacement speeds.


€546,220.00 Ex Vat

Menorquin 42HT

Sasga 42 FB

'Category A' classification

Incredible 'category A' distance offshore passagemaker.


€597,620.00 Ex Tax

Menorquin 42 FB

Sasga 54 HT

'Category A' classification

3 Double cabins plus a crew quarters available in this distance motor yacht.


€879,610.00 Ex Tax

Sasga Menorquin 54.jpg

Sasga 54 FB

'Category A' classification

Stunning go-anywhere 'Category A' luxury motor yacht with flybridge.


€952,810.00 Ex Tax

Menorquin 68, 20150522110.jpg

Sasga 68 FB

'Category A' classification

Launched in 2018 due to demand the 68 is a masterclass in semi-displacement motor yacht design.


€2,195,905.00 Ex Tax


  • Category A – Ocean: covers largely self-sufficient boats designed for extended voyages with winds of over Beaufort Force 8 (over 40 knots), and significant wave heights above 13 feet, but excluding abnormal conditions such as hurricanes.

  • Category B – Offshore:  includes boats operating offshore with winds to 40 knots and significant seas to 13 feet.

  • Category C – Inshore: is for boats operating in coastal waters and large bays and lakes with winds to Force 6, up to 27 knots, and significant seas 7 feet high.

  • Category D – Inland or sheltered coastal waters: is for boats in small lakes and rivers with winds to Force 4 and significant wave heights to 18 inches.

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