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Hear from the owner of Sasga Yachts

NEWS · DEC 4, 2019

José Luis Sastre, General Director at Sasga Yachts: "Our challenge is to build ships that leave a mark"

Our goal is that each Menorquín would be unique, with own personality, according to owner’s desires

The Menorquín is a boat with a strong traditional behaviour. How has her evolution been?

The Menorquín is inspired by the traditional Mediterranean fishing boats called llauts. An ancient boat that has evolved into a pleasure boat that incorporates absolutely innovative features. Originally llauts had no cockpit or the possibility of sailing at speeds of more than 20 knots. However, over the years we have adapted the boat to the needs of the current navigation providing a greater stability, bigger interior space and higher speed, always keeping its traditional aesthetic and recognized marine ability. An example of that, is the technique we use in the hull infusion process that, despite its complexity, allows us to mould it with resin and fibre, obtaining a safer, stronger and more powerful boat.

The Menorquín by Sasga Yachts has captivated ship-owners around the world. Which markets are currently showing special interest in the Menorquín?

Historically our main markets have been Italy and Spain, followed by France and Croatia. Currently, we have also presence in the UK, Belgium, Slovenia, United States, Australia and Japan. We hope to keep expanding our commercial network worldwide. We are proud that countries like Italy, with an important nautical industry and culture, has such admiration for the Menorquín of Sasga Yachts.

A growth that will have been an incentive for the Shipyard. But how are these changes faced?

Our Shipyard is adaptable to the needs of each market. The Menorquín’s specifications are not the same in the USA as in France, because the use of the boat is not the same in one country as in another. Sasga Yachts works from highest quality standards and the serial production is not our philosophy. We produce on request. In fact, our goal is that each Menorquín would be unique, with own personality, according to owner’s desires.

We are dealing with totally customized boats that also have achieved different nominations and awards. What is your secret?

The spirit of continuous improvement and constant evolution, by means of a great team and with a design vision focused on the owner’ needs. In Sasga Yachts we do not follow fashion or trends, our design goes beyond. We try to identify us with our clients, offering a personal and direct service, always listening to their requirements and experiences. Therefore, the Menorquín is continually evolving, turning more comfortable, efficient and technically advanced.

Let's talk about the future: what challenges does the Shipyard consider?

Our challenge is to build ships that leave a mark. We would like our clients to be proud to belong to the Sasga Family, fulfilling their expectations and contributing so they can have a great time aboard with family and friends. It is an exciting and rewarding job. In respect of new challenges, we are always working on new designs. For example, next season we will present two new layouts: the new 54” with bow master cabin and separate showers and the 34” with a new cockpit design.

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